Silk is a classic - ours is lustrous and soft. Our customer love itís drape and feel.  Like all silk it is handwashed in cool water only.  Silk also will require ironing everytime.  This is an heirloom fiber that if taken care of properly, will last a long time.  Our silk is heavy and doesn't shine like satin silk but is much softer.  The color fastness is wonderful.


Washing: Hand wash in cool water only then hang to dry

Ironing: With an iron on the silk setting



Cotton is also a classic fiber and requires no special handling.  Our cotton products  may require some ironing at first but after a few washings the cotton will warm to you and not need ironing.  The color fastness is very good. The more you wear and use our cotton the better it is.


Washing: Machine wash and dry with other like colored fabrics then remove from dryer when dry.

Ironing: As needed.



Tencel is a new man-made fiber that offers the ease of cotton with the look of silk (but is machine washable).  We test drove a great shawl and evening bag made from tencel at Burns night and no one could tell the difference from silk.  The drape is wonderful, as is the texture and feel.  The test tartan was Hannay which is very white and has stood up to the washing it requires.  The color fastness is wonderful.  


Washing: Machine wash and dry separately

Ironing: With an iron on the silk setting


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