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Here's what our customers/shows have been saying about our work ( to date we have created items in over 200 clans):



" I have to say that,in my opinion, your results actually enhance the beauty of the tartan. The slight emphasis on what I call the 'eye', the center point where the red,black,white threads cross, creates a focal point better than in the original. It really looks great."  - MacPherson customer


"This is to let you know that the silk scarf and shawl raised 130 when auctioned at the 2004 Clan Gathering ceilidh dinner (about $240) in Scotland. Many thanks to you and your wife for this very generous gift which was much appreciated."   -  Clan Chief


"My daughter presented me with one of your scarves for Christmas and I think it is stunning - What a clever idea as well as a lovely fabric (silk)!  I will be anxious to see your other items on your website.  Thought you'd like to know it's great!"



"Thank you so very much.  At long last we have found the Ells! The check went into the morning mail. Can't wait for the shawl. Again, thank you so much."  - Ells family member


"The order came today, beautiful as always, and incredibly quick!  Thanks again!"  -  a Cameron



"Thank you for joining the Scottish Tartans Authority we very much appreciate your interest and support."  - Scottish Tartan Authority



"So pleased you are returning this year. I will put you in the same spot. Both the Iowa Tartans are in production and have been made offical by the State Legislature and are in the process of being registered in Scotland.If you get a chance to weave some up, the tartan is very much in demand."  -All Things Scottish CelticFest, Cedar Rapids, IA


Thank you for joining us this year at the WisconsinScottish Highland Games.  I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to you being with us next year. 
I would like to order some scarves in our Clan Young tartan.  - Wisconsin Scottish Highland Games Committee Chairperson


"My husband like the darker squares but I think the red ones look nicer. So we want to keep these and also order the red squares"  - a Morrison



"Hello, I would like to invite you to return for  the 2005 Fest & Games in Arcadia. It would be wonderful to see you there." - Arcadia Valley Celtic Fest Chairman