Evening Bags 

Small Box Style Evening Bags in MacKay Ancient, Fall Colors, Smith and Wallace

Wallace Small Box Evening Bag with iPhone

Our evening bags are woven in 100% tencel, silk, cotton   and are available in  any tartan


We have several styles with our newest being the box style shown here.  This is a hard sided box about 5 1/2" by  3 1/2"  and about 3" deep.  There is a chain inside for a shoulder strap.  These are fun and make a statement.  We hope to continue with this style for a long time.


Our larger evening bags are still in the evenlope style with two sizes: 8" by 4" for 8" for 6".  The 8" by 4" size has two handles inside, a short strap in matcking fabric or a should chain strap.  The 8" for 6" size has a single shoulder strap cord. 





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